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Dental Bridge Dentist

If you’re wondering whether you need a dental bridge but have unanswered questions about the procedure, don’t worry. Your search for the “best dental bridge dentist near me” has led you here, and we’re going to answer all your queries about this common and useful procedure.

Remember: a dental bridge is there to give you confidence in your smile and practical reasons. Let’s learn more about how this procedure could benefit you.

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What is a Dental Bridge?

This dental process is used to replace missing teeth with a manufactured ‘tooth’ or multiple ‘teeth.’ The bridging tooth is called the pontic and is typically made of porcelain, as this blends easily with the natural teeth in your mouth, giving you a full, healthy smile and making life far more comfortable.

You can have bridges made out of other materials if you require: gold was traditionally a popular choice and is still in demand today! However, most people prefer porcelain as it makes the artificial tooth almost unidentifiable among your natural teeth.

The pontic can be fitted into gaps in several ways, which we’ll cover later. First, let’s understand why one might search for a “dental bridge dentist near me.”



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Who Needs a Dental Bridge?

Bridges are designed for people who have missing teeth. This could be a single tooth or several in a row. The idea is that it bridges the gap between 2 natural teeth (known as abutment teeth). As such, you can have multiple bridges in different parts of your mouth to help you gain a full, healthy smile.

If you’ve lost a tooth due to an accident or other causes, panic is a common reaction. However, there’s no need. An experienced dentist can provide you with a solution that looks 100% natural and isn’t uncomfortable in your mouth.

What are the Types of Dental Bridges?

There are 4 main types. The major difference between these types is how they are located in your mouth.


This type of bridge involves a single tooth being secured between 2 natural teeth. This is done using dental crowns to hold the bridging tooth in place. It is an enduring popular kind of replacement and is very affordable — this is often what people think of when they search for a “dental bridge dentist near me.”


A cantilever bridge works by a similar mechanism to the traditional style using a crown, but the pontic is only affixed to 1 abutment tooth. This means that it's a great choice for larger gaps towards the back of the mouth where you might choose not to replace a whole row of teeth but want an extra tooth to fill out your smile or make it easier to chew.


The Maryland bridge is similar to the traditional version in that it is applied between 2 natural abutment teeth. However, rather than using crowns, a Maryland bridge uses a porcelain or metal frame (depending on the material you choose for your bridge) affixed to the backs of the teeth to hold the pontic in place. This can be considered a slightly stronger method of securing the pontic in place.


This method may be used for a series of missing teeth. It uses dental implants to create a secure connection between teeth and is very durable. However, it typically requires more extensive surgery than other methods.

How a Dental Bridge is Applied

Most bridges involve a fairly simple surgery of affixing the pontic to the abutment teeth. You can speak to your dentist about details: they’ll be happy to discuss the procedure as well as recommending the best type for your needs!

However, the implant-supported option usually requires 2 stages of surgery. Again, your dentist will be happy to talk these through with you in detail:

  1. Surgery to affix the dental implants into your jawbone
  2. Surgery to put the pontic in place

This can involve a lengthy wait between surgeries, depending on your case. However, remember that implant-supported bridges are especially strong and can help with restoring many functions.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

Are looking for an expert dentist in dental bridges nearby? We’d love the opportunity to have you as a patients. This procedure can help you:

Feel more confident

Chew food more easily

Hold facial expressions (such as smiling) more easily

Avoid losing other teeth to improper positioning

Take Care of Your Dental Bridge!

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