About Dorsey Family Dental in Ellicott City, MD

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Maryland's Top-Rated Dental Practice


Dorsey Family Dental has been a pillar of Ellicott City for over 30 years, combining a passion for community, advanced dental technology, and a commitment to continuous professional development.

Our office is more than just a place for dental care; it’s a family environment where every member, from our administrators to our hygienists, plays a crucial role in your health.

We’re equipped with all the critical technologies—Digital X-Rays, Cone Beam CT, and Digital Intra-oral Scanning—to ensure comprehensive care and solutions for all your dental needs, including advanced implants and prosthetics.

At Dorsey Family Dental, we are more than your local premier dental provider; we are a family dedicated to caring for our community with world-class hygiene and expert dental solutions.


Our team at Dorsey Family Dental is driven by the trust and satisfaction of our patients. Thanks to their endorsements, our practice has flourished as families continue to refer their loved ones to us. This vote of confidence inspires us daily, motivating us to uphold the excellence our patients deserve and expect.

At Dorsey Family Dental, you’re more than just a patient—you’re family. Join us and experience the Dorsey difference, where your smile and health are our top priorities.